Going the extra mile
to balance your books

Going the extra
mile to balance
your books

Double-Entry Bookkeeping

Double-Entry Bookkeeping is an accounting system that is self-checking. By entering every transaction in two accounts, with a debit from one and an equal and corresponding credit to another, any discrepancies are easily identified.

With double-entry bookkeeping, the accounts should always balance out. When they don’t, it’s easy to see where the problem has arisen with this efficient system.

A truer representation of your business

Double-entry bookkeeping is also a way to reflect the truest picture of your business income and expenditure, because for every credit there is a debit, whether than be wages, cost of sales or product costs. For this reason, there is always at least one debit for every credit, but there can be more.

Two of the Seofon Business Services team, Caroline and Marion, enjoying a joke whilst discussing double-entry bookkeeping at a computer screen.
Double-Entry Bookkeeping
Xero Gold Champion Partner Badge
Xero Gold Champion Partner

Xero Bookkeeping

  • Fast
  • Cloud-secure
  • Accurate

Seofon blend our expertise in double-entry bookkeeping with the power of Xero bookkeeping software, the most reliable and effective bookkeeping solution on the market.

Xero helps us to collaborate in a secure environment that gives you complete visibility over your books, provides the automations that make our processes efficient and the safeguards that ensure you are always compliant with your tax obligations.

Bookkeeping apprenticeships

Interested in becoming a bookkeeper? Seofon are committed to nurturing local talent to build a career in business services. You might be interested in a bookkeeping apprenticeship if you:

  • Are detail-driven
  • Like working with numbers
  • Are a natural problem solver
  • Are a good communicator

Sound like you?

Accounting and Bookkeeping in Horsham

Seofon are THE bookkeepers in Horsham, providing our services for dozens of local businesses over the years. We partner with select local accountants to offer comprehensive financial support to small businesses in West Sussex and beyond…