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Running Around, Standing Still? Time To Take Action

Are you busy running around, delivering your product or service, but feel that your business is standing still?

It’s easy when you are busy to get on with the day job, check the bank account is looking ok, and to keep going.  When work goes quiet is probably the most common time for you to look at your business and see what you need to change.

However, when you are busy is also a good time to do this.  As they saying goes – “Do what you have always done, get what you have always got”.  It may be that whilst being so busy you don’t notice that customer needs are changing.  Profits may be down slightly, but is it a seasonal blip or something else? Is your offering becoming less relevant to your existing and potential customers?

So take some time out. Review against your business plan (yes you really should have one) and review your offering.  Is it tired and in need of a change? Have your customers been asking for other things that you don’t currently provide, but could?  How is the landscape changing in your industry?  What is your competition offering?  Do some secret shopping and find out. This may involve merely looking at your competition’s websites, or phoning them up and asking questions.

If you feel a bit daunted by this you may want to get some help to review your business, or to your business plan.  Outsiders are often best placed to ask the questions you haven’t thought of and see your company from a customer perspective.  You also need to be open to the feedback you may receive – i.e. the same product or service is better elsewhere, or more convenient to access (e.g. better parking, or quicker to return calls/reply to enquiries).  Remember all of this feedback will give you opportunities to improve your offering.

If you would like help with any of this, drop us a line.  We would love to help you.

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