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Marketing Blues?

How is your marketing going?  Networking, social media, website, blogging, emails all ticking along?  Are you getting results, or do you think you are missing a trick, but can’t identify the new angle?  Do you have a new product but aren’t sure about the best way, or place, to market it?

If this is the case then you may want to consider asking someone else for input.  I’m not saying hire a marketing company – instead ask friends or trusted clients.  What do they like about you and your product, and what other offerings would they like to see?  Also consider asking the people you network with.  They can tell you what has or hasn’t worked from them and give you ideas based on the fact that they are potential customers and also understand running a business.

I was at a networking event recently, and whilst discussing how everyone’s businesses were going, one contact said she really needed ideas and help with marketing a new product.  Within half an hour she had a page full of ideas and actions.  In fact she had to ask us to stop as the list was becoming so big!  

So don’t be afraid to ask. We all enjoy being asked for our opinion and good contacts will want to share experiences and help your business grow. We also secretly feel flattered to be asked. Interestingly a lot of people find it easier to market other businesses rather than their own.

As the old saying goes ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’.  Asking for ideas and opinions will help spark the inspiration you need.

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