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Business is Everywhere

Business is good and at the end of a very busy week I was looking forward to attending an awards ceremony with my family, two of whom were being recognised for their voluntary work.

This event was formal but relaxed and business was the last thing on my mind as I walked in and met other attendees, most of which I had come to know well over the years.

The awards ceremony started and everything went well. Whilst the winners were away having their photo shoot for the publicity I was talking to other “plus ones” who were waiting for the award recipients to return. Uaually at these events the conversation is about the subject of the awards, but not this time. Several of the people I spoke to had problems in their daily work life that Seofon could help solve.

Now, one could be a little cautious here as there is a risk of mixing business and pleasure, but these people obviously had a concern preying on their minds they needed to resolve. So the conversation moved onto how Seofon may be able to assist.

The key here is to always be alert and listen to what people are saying. Finding opportunities for possible new clients can come from the least expected places and at the least expected times. Having said that, there has to be a balance between stepping in when you hear a cry for help,  and simply pushing your business at every opportunity.  The latter approach may shut more doors than it opens. Equally every opportunity you hear may not be the one to pursue. It is important to gauge how the business relationship may evolve and if this fits with your own plans as well.

Business is everywhere but you have to be alert and decisive to take the opportunity.

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