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Who is at the Centre of your Business Universe?

What is the focus of your business universe?  Is it the love of the job, the availability or resources,  or your desired working pattern?  I’m hoping that you haven’t agreed with any of these and are now shouting at the screen “it’s the customer you idiot!”

If you had thought of something else then I ask that you read on.

The customer is your reason for remaining in business.  Without them you are left with nothing to do.

So why do so many businesses forget this fact?  As a customer when you engage someone to do work for you you like to feel that they are listening to your needs:  What you need, when you need it by, how you would like it delivered.

I have recently I had to book a boiler service.  One company I approached said they would come back to me – they can’t book me in until staff are back from holiday.  The other company I approached asked me when was convenient for me and started a conversation around that. Needless to say I booked with the latter company.  I’m still waiting for the other company to call back to book me in.

Listening to the customer and their needs will enable you to deliver outstanding service and make them feel that you are honest and easy to deal with.  Listening to them doesn’t mean having to do everything they ask – you need to explain what is, and what is not, practical.  If you are in a business with long lead times, or you currently  have a fully booked work schedule, be upfront as to when you can book the work in.  Keep in contact and confirm the job details before your start.  This will confirm your engagement with the customer and give them confidence in you.

Admitting that you are busy and giving a timescale helps manage expectations.  For the majority of businesses leaving the customer to fit in with your timescales and needs will lead to the phone and email going quiet.

Always ensure that you are looking at your business from the needs of the customer.  Ask yourself if you were your customer would you be happy with your flexibility and offering?

If you would like some help reviewing your offering and your procedures to make them more customer centric contact us today.

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