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Time Off

Is it possible to run your own business and still have a break?

I was talking to a client recently who was looking forward to a week away.  When I asked them how they were covering their work for the week she said that it wasn’t a problem – the hotel has wifi so she can work whilst away.

She looked curious when I questioned if this was a real holiday and asked what her family think of her bringing work on holiday.

In her mind she was looking forward to going away – to better weather and away from household chores.  Of course she would have to work

So is it possible to have a proper break when you run your own business?

Potentially yes.  If you provide a service to a client you can plan time off with them   Keep in mind that if they employed someone then they would have the same holiday cover issue.

  • Plan your breaks around your busiest time of the month or year, and when agreeing timescales with clients.  
  • Be upfront and say when you have time off booked.  Its much easier to plan breaks than work yourself into the ground to get the work completed on time.
  • If your work means that you provide a daily or reactive service then you may need to make yourself available whilst on holiday, or look at outsourcing the work by using a virtual assistant or a company that provides admin support.

Taking time off and having a proper break is possible and is good for you.  But you need to plan for it and let yourself do it.

If you want help to plan for time off, or help covering tasks whilst you are away, then contact us today.

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