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Everything Runs Smoothly…

Until it doesn’t!

Most people accept that things will do the job they were for. This can be machinery, structures or people.

You get in the car in the morning, turn the key (or press the button) and expect the engine to start and you can drive away. You turn on the PC and it boots up and you can use it as you intended.

Occasionally (and probably more often than you would like where technology is concerned) this expectation doesn’t happen and you are faced with anything from a small to major incident depending on what has happened.

So what could you have done to avoid this and minimise the impact of the disruption?

Is this item so key to your world that its non performance could wreck the foundations or can you simply go to the reserve plans you have and put them into play? How many actually have reserve plans, in fact how many actually realise what is key to their world and what they need to have a reserve for?

Recently we blogged about what to do when you have nothing to do. Spending time looking at your world (business and personal) to identify those key items could be invaluable when faced with an incident. It’s called resilience planning – not a plan for when it goes wrong but simply identifying the key items you have and how to ensure you have these covered.

It doesn’t take long but could help you identify key items, suppliers, people or equipment and it could help when you try to start something and nothing happens.

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