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Spontaneity can be good… and bad!

A long time ago I was told act in haste, repent at leisure but in this fast flowing digital world does this still have any real meaning?

As with everything balance is the key. There are times when acting quickly can be the best thing:

–       To seal a contract

–       Stop haemorrhaging funds

–       Fix process problems

But there are times when to act quickly may give the wrong result

–       Replying to the annoying email

–       Giving a knee jerk reaction to an event

–       Taking the first option without looking further

There is an underlying theme here and it can be summed up by one word “consideration”.

In applying anything you need to take an appropriate amount of time looking at the action you are about to take. The time you have allowed will be governed by the apparent urgency to react. For example if there is a car heading your way you have a finite time to move, however you can wait to reply to that annoying email until after you have calmed down.

In business making considered decisions is key to the way your colleagues, suppliers and customers see your business. A little time taken to get the action right can save a lot of additional time repairing unintentional damage.

So when next faced with a decision ask yourself this question:

Does this need immediate action or do I have time to think it through?

If you can, make the time and if you can’t, it must be threatening (or obviously beneficial) and any action is good.

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