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Life’s Speed Bumps – Help or Hindrance?

As we go about our daily lives, routine is the one word that springs to mind and everyone is very happy with their routine. The trains run on time, work flows and social lives continue with a similar trend.

Every now and then life throws in a speed bump that puts this normal routine on hold for a little while.

These speed bumps could be viewed in a variety of ways from annoyance that the daily routine has been disrupted to an opportunity to take a step back and look at how you’re doing things and focus on what really matters.

If your desire is simply to return to the same routine as quickly as possible will this help you (or your business) grow? Occasionally it is good to change tack and start a new direction.

To view one of life speed bumps as a hindrance will ensure you remain in the same groove, some may say stuck in a rut. Use these challenges to take a step back and review what you are doing and the priorities this path has given you. Is it right or is there an alternative that will help you and the business grow. Some say that doing the same thing repeatedly will not deliver results. To achieve your goals you have to throw in some new moves.

So life’s speed bumps are really a simple way of avoiding the repetitive strain of life and being given the jolt to try something new.

You don’t have to wait until you find one of these events to take a step back, next time you look at your business plan see what you could change or approach from a different angle to improve results. Businesses evolve and to evolve successfully you have to keep pace with change. An effective review of what you do will ensure this happens. So next time there’s a speed bump in your routine grasp the opportunity to review things for the better.

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