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How Will Absence Affect Your Business?

Absence. Although all small business owners need to be indestructible, unfortunately the reality is that everyone will probably fall ill at some point.

The annual cost of sickness absence has climbed to almost £29 billion for UK organisations.
British workers average just over 9 days per year off sick.

Whilst the NHS is doing a fantastic job with limited resources, some of this time off is due to waiting for treatment.

So if you (or any member of staff you have) were off sick for any extended period, what would happen to your business and could you survive a prolonged absence?

Many firms are starting to invest in Private Medical insurance for the business owners/directors and employees.

Whilst this may at first appear to be a luxury, the result is reduced time away for treatment and a speedy return to work thus limiting the impact on the business.

As with all insurance you don’t see the benefits until you actually claim and there are many providers on the market.

The household names may be your first port of call but don’t forget those you may not have heard of, like WPA, who can provide flexible affordable cover and come highly recommended by the medical profession for the levels of service they provide.

We’d like to thank Ross Le Jeune of WPA for his help in highlighting this potential risk for small businesses and if you would like to know more about how Private Medical Insurance could help your business survive and speed up your ability to continue with the job you love, Ross can be contacted on ross.lejeune@wpa.org.uk

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