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Plan Your Business Journey

Recently I had to make a journey to somewhere I’d not been before and which was located pretty much in the middle of nowhere – well as near to nowhere as you can get in the South of England.

There were two ways I could approach this journey.

Start out and head roughly in the correct direction (as I knew the main road it was near), and hope I’d find a sign post as I got closer.


Do some research and planning first, so I at least had an idea of where I was going and, thanks to the good old smart phone, had a view of the road I’d be taking, and would have a picture in my mind of what to expect.

Being me, and wanting to get there on time, I chose the second option and it worked well. Had I had more time,  and no specific arrival time, I may have taken the first option. This could have led me down a totally different path and I may not have arrived where I planned at all.

Ahh I hear you say, who would set off on a journey without knowing where you’re going? – madness!

Very true.  Business is a journey and how many have set off without knowing where they are going, as they didn’t have a business plan or any idea of the route ahead?

Yes it takes a little time to plan the route and get that mental picture of where you want to be. But when you’re driving along it’s much easier to have a clear picture of where you are aiming for,  rather than trying to see a sign post (if it even exists).

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