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Back to School Blues

The summer holidays are over and possibly beginning to feel like a distant memory.  Emotions are running high as children return to school, or are going to school or university for the first time.  For some September heralds the start of a new job or challenge on top of this.

The carefree living of the summer holidays has left the house looking like tip, and the in tray/inbox overflowing at work.  All those plans to spend time reviewing and planning your marketing strategy/business plan/blog writing over the summer (when it is quieter!) remain lists in your notebook and a line on the to do list.

If you didn’t have any time off over the Summer you are probably now re adjusting to the increase in traffic and a more congested journey to work.

So how best to motivate yourself to get everything back in order?  This may be a good time to consider outsourcing some of your tasks.  This could be a one off or an ongoing basis.

For example you may consider:

  • Hiring a cleaner to give your home a one off, post-holiday, deep clean
  • Employing a bookkeeper to keep on top of those receipts, invoices and chase outstanding payments
  • Have some one-off help to get up to date with the filing and maybe review and streamline it a bit
  • Ask a copywriter to do your blogs or help with articles you need to write
  • Have a business mentor to help review where you are and get you back on track

Outsourcing aspects of your work, or asking for help to achieve your goals can be a daunting decision.  For SME’s you went into business to run a company on your own and identifying that you need help is a big step.  But it shouldn’t be a step to be afraid of.  It is a sign of the success of your business and the need to balance family and work life.  You should also consider where your strengths lie.  They should be in the delivery of the product or service your business is based on, and not necessarily the back office tasks that go with running a business.

So be kind to yourself.  Don’t see getting help in as a sign of failure.  See it as a sign of success and not working beyond your limits.

If you would like some help in assessing what tasks you can outsource contact us today

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