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Do you know where you are going?

Recently I had to make a journey to somewhere I’d not been before and was located pretty much in the middle of nowhere, well as near to nowhere as you can get in the South of England.

There were two ways I could approach this journey.

Start and head roughly the correct direction (as I knew the main road it was near) and hope I’d find a sign post as I got closer and the headlights would pick out the sign (if it existed) as I’d be going after dark.


Do some research and planning first so I at least had an idea of where I was going and, thanks to the good old smart phone, had a view of the road I’d be taking so would have a picture in my mind of what to expect.

Being me and needing to get there on time I chose the second option and it worked well. Had I had more time and no specific time to arrive I may have taken option one but this could have led me down a totally different path and may not have arrived where I planned at all.

Ahh I hear you say, who would set off on a journey without knowing where you’re going – madness!

Very true but business is a journey and how many have set off without knowing where they are going as they didn’t have a business plan or any idea of the route ahead.

Yes it takes a little time to plan the route and get that mental picture of where you want to be but when you’re driving along it’s much easier to have a clear picture than looking through the dark trying to see the sign post (if it even exists).

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